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Was wandering if anyone knew how to draw bandits on the map that can be seen globally?
Been having a play around trying to get it to work on player sync but cant seem to get to show :mad:

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Probably totally wrong but i was trying something like this

if (_humanity < -2000 and !_isBandit) then {
    _isBandit = true;
    if (_isBandit) then {
        call mark_bandit;
mark_bandit= {
    _XBandit = getPosATL player;
    _marker = createMarker [_XBandit];
    _marker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";
    _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed";
    _marker setMarkerSize [350, 350];
    _marker setMarkerBrush "Grid";
    _marker setMarkerAlpha 0.5;
So let me get this straight... Anyone who is a bandit will appear on the map? or is this specifically for the server setting with markers enabled?

i would find it hilarious if there was a way to put a marker on the map for anyone with a very negative humanity... Some kind of manhunt event.

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Kind of yeah :D

I don't want to stop bandits, as i feel they are vital to the game. But i want there to be a negative side, in a sense if you become to high profile of bandit you have a marker with your location on the map, meaning hero's may hunt you down. In turn you would get a lot more bandit hunting!

Compared to a survivor and hero who scavenge for stuff, being a bandit is easy. Time it's made just a little bit challenging for them to ;-)
If I knew how to code like the guys on this site... God I'd just hunker down with an IV bag in 1 arm, a shitbox built into my chair and a coffee drip in the other arm while I ferociously code random stuff that I think is cool. Alas, I have only started learning how to understand what you guys release (started in mid december)

If you manage to get this done... Lord almighty I want it... Especially if you can set a Humanity threshold before you become visible to others... And perhaps change the distance that people have to be to be able to see you on the map... So like as you go further into the negatives that distance increases until the whole map knows where you are and hunts you down.

A bit of a tangent but:

This'll really make people think twice about putting bullets in everyone... Because a vengeful smiting will likely ensue... And stuff like bounty rewards.... Perhaps a mechanism of creating wanted signs with a custom name / message + item(s) as reward.

So player X can put down say a M14 into a location. Write a name and a brief statement. It takes the gun and stores it. People can see the reward & name in various locations on the map on like signs or something. Have it basically tie in with the detect who killed who message... And based on that allow said player access to the item in lockup... Iunno. I don't know crap about how the inner end of things works.

Either way - The very basic concept of bandit locator... Is def good enough for me :p I await your creation
I'm still sitting quietly... praying.. waiting.. for this glorious concept to come to fruition. I threw your idea past a bunch of ppl in my server and they thought it would be awesome.

Another thought - Being a hero to see a bandit marker and not the average player. Combined with the dog feature Pixel was working on... Chasing bandits through the forests of Celle would be interesting gameplay.

for pure fun factor this would be so much fun to have.

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Can't see it being anytime soon mate, it's going to need to be server side and I can't seem to get it to draw the markers.. I know of a server that runs it, but there's no point asking them, for understandable reasons though.
Mind if I check out the server that has this feature? You'd be surprised, most server owners/admins are actually friendly and enjoy talking and sharing information (At least that's been my experience, i've learned much from many people just helping out a fellow gamer).

Perhaps I'm a tad optimistic (Someone put some happy pills in my coffee)... But ehh doesn't hurt to try. If you don't want to post the IP, just msg me =)

Right now something like this would alter the entire way the game is played... it isn't just a simple flavourful addition.

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Check out DayzMad mate, there a great bunch and have this in place, as well as lots of other features. Reason I doubt they will share though mate is they have probably had there codes stole and people passing off there code as there own, than any other server about. I'd be exactly the same..
I'll give them a looksie but I totally understand why they would be like that..... Too bad we can't all work together to make this game good for all and just give credit to those who do the heavy lifting.... instead people prefer to just steal.... uggh.

Unrelated: Wonder if its possible to do something related to base buildings keypad combo system.. but rather than that you have a "Bandit hideout" or "hero hideout"... Places that you can only open the door to if you are the appropriate thing... a few ideas to extend on this, but this basic function to begin

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They have that to mate, they have radio spawns that can be used to remote operate gates. You should check them out mate, they have most of the features your after
I did check it out, I've seen this server before like a month ago... Yeh.. it's beastly... The radio operated gates are cool.

I'm actually stuck trying to get the keypad to work with a custom key code using daimyos base builder
I would be willing to pay for this to work on my server, only hero's can see the bandits... Would be the one thing I would want.

If anyone is willing to make this happen send me a PM

I would be willing to pay for this to work on my server, only hero's can see the bandits... Would be the one thing I would want.

If anyone is willing to make this happen send me a PM

A few directions can be taken with it imo.

Make heroes and survivors have a sort of "6th senses"... Perhaps in the form of a visual trigger or a bandit counter in the debug monitor.... say, survivors get this to happen if within 100m of a bandit, and heroes within 500-1000m.

Basically... you now have heroes that can play hot or cold with bandits while trying to track them down... and survivors might get a bit of a heads up as fresh spawns, when dealing with those kamikazee bandits.

Another take on this is have it so that the ranges are increased based on how negative the bandit is and how positive the hero is. So the more negative you get, the further away you trigger someones 6th sense, and the more positive you are the more heightened this sense gets.

ALSO you could make it so that the bandits with visible markers is determined by say being in specific % of the top most notorious bandits.

If the first way is done - i'd make it much harder for someone to become a hero than it currently is.