Bastian Suter and Battle Eye.. what's his problem?


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I'm not one to hate on someone, because that's just not cool. But ever since I've been playing DayZ , this Battle Eye product has caused me nothing but grief. I've had friends banned with no explanation other than a code number, I've been kicked hundreds of times for NO reason.

He openly admits on his website that there is a huge issue with hackers stealing keys. So, this means it isn't always the users fault. He then says on his website something along the lines of "my software is perfect, if you're banned don't ask to be unbanned because we'll not help you, you cheated, deal with it..." and recently I see battle eye announcements popping up on my server saying that users may have been unfairly banned and admins are to treat those users banned/kicked for that error as possibly not doing anything wrong.. So, all the way he's contradicting himself, saying his software is totally fool proof then "oh no" it messed up a bit, so go easy on the users ...

My friend (an admin on my server) , got permantly banned with nothing more than a code number, which I asked Bastian about, and his reply was simply along the lines of "deal with it, my software is perfect, the evidence is undeniable, if you didn't cheat you wouldn't be banned.. blah blah blah".. What an obnoxious upstart. Firstly, he never acknowledged that I'd asked about someone else and to then tell me "tough, buy a new CD key" , is unbearable.. My friend did buy a new key, but how is that fair? when his key was obviously stolen and the hack wasn't him, it was someone else..

This guy seriously thinks he's judge dread or something.. "I AM THE LAW"!!!

If the Standalone version of DayZ uses this guys product, I'm not buying it!
Seriously Urban im with you. Found a trojan on my computer, removed it, but then about 30 minutes later, I went to play dayz, said cd key in use. o f**k i said. So i installed steam on my brothers computer later that night got Arma dayz, and PW6. played for about an hour then went to the movies. this morning i go to play, and I got global banned while asleep with my pc off, I just got into pc gaming a few months back.I truly lack the skill to understand hacking, let alone use it to help me in game. IThe error i got was battleye global ban #9d2761.