BattlEye Rcon python3

I created a very early implementation of the BattlEye rcon protocol in Python3.
It's dirty and it stink. But, it can be usefull. I was bored of running a windows server to handle server message & whitelist.

What's worling:
  • Connecting
  • Receiving server message
  • Sending command
  • Reconnect on disconnect (after server restart) NEED MORE WORK
What's not:
  • No queuing system for sending/receiving bytes

Everyone can contribute, just do a pull request!

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I've been logged in to my server for 20 or so minutes now, and it has only lost connection once, and immediately reconnected flawlessly. If this is the issue you are talking about, then it seems perfectly normal to me. Every other rcon tool I've used has lost connection at one point or another.
Edit: Used it a little longer now and its had a few more disconnects, but I just made the reconnect time only a few seconds and everything is golden.
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