BattlEye Restrictions

Chris Atkins

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If anyone has info on the BattlEye filters needed to properly run scripts, please place here.

Other script restriction/public variable restriction/etc. is welcome in this thread.

This mod was limited when released. I know many server owners like to have all the bells and whistles for their servers to attract players and getting kicked for restrictions is a major turnoff.

Anyone with BattlEye knowledge, please assist in this thread.

Chris Atkins

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I've added a handful of scripts to my own server, but a couple of them (Lights and Removing Vehicle Parts) kick for restriction issues.

So my server is running:
  1. Self Blood Bag (works great)
  2. Towing/Lifting (works great)
  3. Auto Refuel (works great)
  4. Tower Lights/Street Lights (but script restriction #241 kicks immediately, so I have a static time set at 8am at every restart, unsolved)
  5. Remove Vehicle Parts (kicks for Public Variable #0, unsolved)
*I may have #3 figured out with BE. Gotta test (currently at work). Also, I'm not very knowledgeable in regards to BE filters for all the .txt files.


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You dont need to be a coder for this. It's simple copy&paste and adding a "!" in front of it.

Dirty Rat

To simplify it this is what you have to do, I will use street lighting as an example.

When you add a script to any server that has a player action, even on vanilla DayZ, BattlEye will block it and kick the person.

If you install a script and a person gets kicked for it BattlEye will always log the event. When you add the the street lighting script the kick log will say:

30.09.2013 20:52:59: DirtyRat (IP REMOVED) GUID REMOVED - #0 "axeLampObjects" = [4,1,<NULL-object>]

The part in quotes is the command that it kicked the person for so that is what needs to be filtered out so all you do is open publicvariable.txt and add the exception to the end of the first line like this:


Then all you have to do is either restart the server or use an rcon program to reload scripts and your players should no longer be kicked.