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    Bloodline is a new server striving to be a great one, with an upstanding community. We welcome all players and all styles of gameplay. We have dedicated and watchful admins, so anyone that breaks the rules will get punished accordingly. We are also looking for some long-term players to get us going. We update our server daily, so we can keep things fresh and fun. Bloodline wants to be a real community, and hope to see some players join us! [​IMG]

    Free building Kit!


    - Carry Weight (OFF)

    - Self Blood Bag

    - Refuel

    - Snap Build

    - A.I Missions

    - Tow and Lift

    - Deploy Bike

    - Vehicle Service Points

    - Safe Zones

    - Spawn System

    Come into Teamspeak for more info!


    Managers (Owner): Zippy

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