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This is a new server with friendly admins that are active nearly 24/7. The server consist of the following features so far (More will be added):

Self Blood Bag

Pro Building Snap

No Overburdening

Roaming AI

AI Patrols in UAZ's

AI Helicopters

Custom AI Missions

Server restart every 4 hours

Over 1000 Vehicles

We have events that get arranged from a week before or an hour before depending on the population of the server. Events consist of PVP, TVT, Capture the vehicle etc.

We will soon have our own website for players to post general enquires, suggestions, questions etc.

Mods and features we are working on:

Towing & Lifting Vehicles

Invulnerable vehicles near plot poles. (This is a mod we decided to include due to public players destroying peoples cars with only a hatchet (Trolls).

DayZ Server IP:

Team Speak IP: