CC V6.0.0.0 [OUTDATED]


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  • [NEW] New folder structure, dayz_server.pbo and HiveExt.dll are no longer stored in @dayzcc folder. Every map/mod has it's own folder with there own files, this is to be able to support more maps since most of them run different DayZ version.
  • [NEW] Updated HiveExt.dll
  • [NEW] Added new BattlEye filters
  • [NEW] CC now supports more maps again, following maps are now supported besides Chernarus:
  • Lingor (Hunting Grounds)
  • Utes
  • Takistan (2.2 By vRNemesis)
  • Panthera
  • Fallujah
  • Namalsk
  • Thirsk
  • Celle
  • Isladuala
  • Oring
  • [NEW] Added support for rMod2.1 on all current supported maps
  • [NEW] Added CC functions to all currently supported maps
  • [NEW] Change the Lingor map to the more updated version of the map: DayZ Hunting Grounds
  • [NEW] Readded carepackages and random wrecks
  • [NEW] Custom-loadout still in
  • [NEW] Updated Takistan to 2.2 By vRNemesis
  • [NEW] All maps now has a very user/customize friendly server_spawnCrashSite.sqf for heli crash-site
  • [FIX] Spawn-selection working
  • [FIX] Fixed modlist error on some maps
  • [FIX] Fixed problems with starting up a Namalsk server
  • [FIX] Gender-selection working
  • [FIX] Added missing "," for all rmod mission.sqm