CC V7.7.1.0


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DayZ Controlcenter V7.7.1.0

Quick release to fix some bugs in the previous release

  • [FIX] Buildables like fences and gates not saving to database
  • [FIX] Deployable table missing new classnames
  • [FIX] Basebuilding items not showing up on map
  • [FIX] All deployables showing up as vehicles on admin map
  • [NEW] Added new icons to admin map
The ideal place to post bugs/problems is under following:
Server related issues
Controlcenter related issues

Known issues:

Download section here
So after trying to get it to install i get this err, The remote name could not be resolved: ''
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The real question is can you change this the local and get the server files from there? Does anyone have the dayZcc server files? The download is just an installer that looks at this address to get the server files.