Meet the new mayor candidates!
As most of you know our last mayor was kidnapped and killed before the CPD could rescue him. Each mayor will bring changes to the environment in some way which can be considered pros or cons based on play style. All players are welcome to vote for the new mayor. Leave a :thumbsup: on the mayor personality you prefer. Voting will end tomorrow night 10/26/21 at 8pm so get your votes in while you can

John Anderson
Promises to rule with an iron fist by bringing order to Chernarus by funding the CPD to have better training, more equipment, and more officers. Also promises to make drug offenses more serious and possibly punishable by death depending on offense. Promises to lower prices for licenses

Larry Edison
Wants to start taxation in exchange for a protected weapon free zone Zelenogorsk city living program where CPD will be required to patrol Zelenogorsk and kill zombies and other threats. Offers to make hunting and fishing a necessity of survival which will no longer acquire a license. Wants all drugs including Marijuana to be illegal as well as a more aggressive approach against drug operation

Lisa Showman
Promises to make drug laws more lenient and gun laws more serious. Offers to make the cost of everyday living trader items including vehicles and food cheaper to purchase. Will lower start money to 50k after next wipe to cover expenses. Will require CPD to have body cam during civil duty’s

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