Come and check out the new [RD] Rising Dead Epoch Chernarus!

[RD] The Rising Dead

Fresh New Epoch Chernarus server looking for fresh new faces to begin making and taking names on our server!
Dedicated TeamSpeak Server:

Server IP:
Team Speak IP:

RD Epoch Chernarus features:

200+ Vehicles
Multiple Mission systems (WAI, Convoys, Treasure, IKEA + more )
Tow & Lift
Self Blood Bags
Custom Debug
Snap to build
safezones (at all traders included bandit/hero traders)
Custom bases located around the map
Repair + Refuel at gas stations
Take clothes from bodies
Indestructible base building


Head over to

join us on teamspeak3:

Server IP:
After player request we have made the debug monitor have the ability to toggle on and off.

Thanks for the feedback so far people who have played, it means alot just to see you log in :)

Thanks again!