Custom Loadout Not Working

Talking about cust_loadout and cust_loadout_profile tables

I set it up in version 1751, worked fine, upgraded to 176 and 1761, noticed they no longer work... i haven't changed anything on my end... help??
I am running Chernarus, on Reality & custom fuel script.

I also posted a ticket on my providers site, they told me it is one of many bugs that 1761 brought with it... guess I will have to wait for next patch.


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My DayZPriv server has them working on may be slow but they proactively fix shit), and my DayZ.ST server has totally non-functioning custom loadouts post even after their "bug fix pass" that just happened.


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It's working fine for me at it sometimes happen that you don't spawn with the custom gear.. Think it has something to do with the : Something went wrong error.


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On our OTHER DayZ.ST server, it has been working post but as you have experienced, it still fails during come login attempts.

However, on the server in question the loadouts fail 100% of the time on all maps.

Sent in a ticket request to and still no response 24hrs later.
I guess HFB are looking into it. I thought this was a dayz patch issue, but maybe there are server side things that need patching too each update, i am not exactly sure how it works to be honest. HFB said they are working on it.


If it still isn't working, create a MySQL Trigger for it, I've made a simple example (the body of the trigger)

SET x = (SELECT unique_id FROM cust_loadout_profile WHERE unique_id=NEW.unique_id);
IF NEW.unique_id = x THEN
    SET NEW.model='Rocket_DZ';
oo interesting, where do I place the trigger? I am familiar with php and mysql, but have never seen a mysql trigger before.


oo interesting, where do I place the trigger? I am familiar with php and mysql, but have never seen a mysql trigger before.
You execute a query that creates the trigger, then the trigger is shown on the database like a procedure or table. Triggers are used if you want to do something on certain events, like updates, inserts and so on :) I'm on vacation atm, so I can't show so much - however, google it if you have MySQL knowledge ;-)


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I have no known issues with custom inventory not working on any particular map. The only issue that I am aware of is a merging issue in some files. This should work 100% though.


So i had this working then it stoped same with my building so this morning i did a fresh install of the database and stall thy dont work. the way i set up my database was building it on my pc then runing db_migrate. then i add in messages and building a cust load outs. i just find it odd that it worked and now it dont lol.


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DayZ 1.8.1 Custom server starting gear..

I used to use the DB to set starting gear, it is now in Server PBO.