Database coordinates and find them on map/location?

Is there a way to find a player/vehicles location using database numbers, then somehow convert them into a understandable map/something???

For example:

Ok, so 74 I know, that's the direction the object/person is facing.

4170.31 is the distance from where? This is from far west side of the map right?

10419.3 is the distance from where? South of the map, included water?

0.001 is altitude so that's not important.

Now, is there a way to easily figure out where on a map these coordinates are?
Tried it, didn't work...

At least I didn't get it to work.

Tried putting in the information needed (was german language for the most part) so I don't know if I did it right, or it doesn't work. ;)


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I wrote my own function - if you know javascript it is clear:
//An object that stores the parsed world space information as it is represented in arma
//Arma worldspace is stored in a mysql column as a string like so: "[220,[8685.2,2490.78,0.339]]"
//    The first number is orientation, but the others are x,y,z - we will store the z value, but there is
//    no need for it right now anyways
//Construct with a raw worldpsace string stored in the db, and this will do the work to get back an object
    function worldspaceDescribe(pString) {
        //we must offset the y amount according to a seemingly random number that took me ages to figure out.
        //    If this is determined to be off, you can edit it here
        this.chernarusYoffset = 153.60;
        //The arma map grid: eg: 152, 113. It also gets 2 decimal points so the ppoint is down to teh square meter
        this.armagrid = {x : null,y : null,z : null};
        this.worldspace = {x : null,y : null,z : null};
        if(pString != null && pString != '') {
            try {
                var str = pString.replace(/\[/g,'').replace(/\]/g,''); //Remove the brackets
                var arr = str.split(','); //convert to an array and parse
                this.worldspace.x = parseFloat(arr[1]);
                this.worldspace.y = parseFloat(arr[2]);
                this.worldspace.z = parseFloat(arr[3]);
                //we must offset the y amount according to a seemingly random number that took me ages to figure out....
                var offset = this.chernarusYoffset - (Math.round((this.worldspace.y*100)/100)/100);
                this.armagrid.x = Math.round((this.worldspace.x*100)/100)/100;
                this.armagrid.y = Math.round(offset*100)/100;
                this.armagrid.z = Math.round(this.worldspace.z*100)/100;
            } catch(e){
        } else {
            alert('You need to construct me with a string');   

The principle is simple...
remove the brackets to convert it to a flat array.
Take the last three indexes (1,2,3) and those are x,y,z
Then offset the y value... because arma is wierd....
And do some rounding on the numbers to get the right values....

var myCoords = new worldSpaceDescribe("[220,[8685.2,2490.78,0.339]]");
alert('x: ' + myCoords.x + ', y: ' + myCoords.y + ', z: ' + myCoords.z);