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So you are looking for a server to play on? Well here is some of the things that =DPH= Dawg's Playhouse has to offer. First we offer a Welcome Kit. This consists of a Camo Suv to get you around, safe to store your gear till you get a base started. Other things include, AI Patrols(Air,Ground,Foot,Paratroops at Airfields) AI City if you survive there is 20 briefs and 10 safes waiting on the other end of the city and through a Maze. Of course we have Missions,Elevators,Drug Running,Armor in Hero/Bandit traders,Deployable Bike n Mozzie No Weight,Trader Safe Zones. Also you might want to know the owner is also a Player. Plays completely legit. There are no admin areas or anything off limits to players.Website is set up to take in Player suggestions. I will take any and all suggestions. Due to knowledge of scriping some things may be difficult or not possible. This is a new DB so come pick your fav Base location now.
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