Dawn OF The Z - New DayZ Community Server!

New Growing Community with 180+ Discord Members and 100+ already White-Listed!

Hi there we have just opened up our new DayZ Server, you can white-list here: Dawn Of The Z Discord

Our server is very much a work in progress and we need players to give us feedback to help us improve on the features! A run down of server features are below and full details can be found on our Discord Community!

Dawn Of The Z

- Custom Themed Load-out's
- Airdrops

Custom Locations
Skalisty Bridge & Checkpoint
Skalisty Military Camp
Altar Player Trading Safe Camp

Server Mods Installed
Server Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1582647829
Or you can download and connect directly using DZSA Launcher: https://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home

About Us
Dawn Of The Z started out around 2012 with a DayZ Mod server and we became a small but well populated community with around 200 members and 55 regular players! We are now back in the hope to recreate the community!

If your looking for a DayZ Community to call home that is run by friendly, mature active and helpful staff you have come to the right place!
See you in Cherno!​
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Updated new mods:

-Build Anywhere

NOTE: White-List is off until 01/01/19 so you can play right away but we recommend white-listing anyway so when it is activated you can continue to play as normal!
Hope you all had great Christmas, and wish you all the best for 2019!

Our server white-list is now active from today with 94 members listed and 160+ discord members!

Thanks for the support!