DayZ Celle For

Dirty Rat

My original intention for this map was just to take the existing port made by Graz and update it to the latest DayZ code. But I have decided instead to do a fresh port. The main reason for this is because it is hard to make changes to the map without the original map editor files.

The point I am at now is the map is ported and working with DayZ code and I am about to start editing the map. This is where I am after your input, I want to know what you want added to the map, what skins you want adding in and what weapons/vehicles you want adding.

There are a few things to consider before placing your request. This is a map NOT a mod I will not be adding scripts like self bloodbag, AI etc. If you want Celle map with mods already installed you should check out DayZ Epidemic, It looks awesome! I also won't be adding any OP vehicles, this map is to small for them!

So if you have any suggestions for the map then let me know in here or at OutlawZGaming

My site would be the better option because you will get a faster response!