[RELEASE] DayZ Custom Player Spawn Point Shoreline

Custom Player Spawn Point On The Shoreline near a boat.

This will add several spawn point on the shoreline near a small boat from the top right of the map all the way to the bottom left of the map.

So basically i cover the entire shoreline.

The idea behind this was to make it appear as if you were on a cruze ship but it crashed and you had to evacuate by small boat. (Inspired by the Xbox DayZ Trailer we saw earlier this year.)

The only island that was close was Chernarus.

Once you arrive on the shore, you soon realized that your are on your own as it's the end of the world.

Your worst nightmare comes to life. Zombies are real. There is no doubt about that.

You MUST do everything in your power to survive.
How To Install?

  • Go to your server directory.
  • Go to mpmission.
  • Go to your mission.
  • Add and replace the provided file.
  • Always make a backup first.

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