DayZ Epoch with Applegate Map

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    i made this post, because i wanted to play the Applegate map with DayZ Epoch and got very much problems to let it run acceptably .

    For everyone who wants to check this map too, here my files.

    At first you need a running Epoch Server Version

    Then download the Applegate Map from the Link and extract it in the Arma2 Folder, the same there the Epoch Addon is and rename it (for my startscript) to @applegate.

    After all of this steps, copy all files from me in the same Arma2 folder change the configs for your Server and use the "DayZ_Epoch_instance_26_AppleGate.bat" to start the Server.

    To start your client, you can use the startlink from me but its for first test linked to

    Have Fun with it. :)

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