DayZ Escape Server Files


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Current Server/Mission files will be posted here for server owners to put up their own servers!

If you have any questions please contact me about it via PM



This Supports more customization in your server/database ! Allowing for custom starting gear and custom loadouts. Much more organized for you!
Make sure to read the readme because you have to specify the location of some files so the vehicle spawns work correctly!

I recommend the server build as above ^ It has better customization and is a better build, but you can use the one below too!



There might be some errors with the BE kicks, if so please let me know along with any info you can provide! Thanks!!

Server/Mission file Bundle

dayz_server.pbo and dayz mission.pbo only
Mega - Here
Mediafire - Here
Google Drive - Here

SQL Files

Escape Bikey
I use pwnoz0rs build, give me a bit here and I will compile a full build, BE filters will come seperate because I test with them off. People were just asking for those server files so I put them up before I went to bed :p will get that done asap
HOL-EEE SHEEE-IT! I'm really liking this mod so far. Rounded up a P90SD with plenty of mags, a MK18SD with about 8 mags, the M4A1 Custom...fellas...please offer this mod to DayZ.ST for hosting! I was so burnt out on Chernarus, but I am so far impressed.

One caveat, Infection City is, well, kinda lopsided and ackward. The buildings aren't very well seated. You guys should try and level them out more.

Also, the zombie aggro is a bit out of hand. Maybe try and fine tune that more towards the Aftermath mod style of zombie movement.

But so far, bravo, bravo!
By any chance do you have an updated version of the server/client files that works with the 125548 build?