DayZ Sahrani - Map Facts

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Here we will provide various facts about the Map, it's History, it's Zones, and it's Cities and Towns.... and eventually a LOT more about what led to Day Z Sahrani.

BIG THANKS to BeowolfSchaefer for his VERY early efforts in putting together the Sahrani Web Map that is stickied here.

Sahrani is the Fictional Island featured in Bohemia Interactive's Game Armed Assault

The Imgur Album will be updated with even more detailed pictures and descriptions.

We have also now created another Imgur Album with pictures of all the Arma 1 buildings we have added loot positions for (along with a thread here).

Geographical Location: 39° 57' 0" N / 40° 1' 12" W
This is located directly next to the Azores

Landmass/Island Breakdown:

EML Zone - East Main Landmass - ex. Democratic Republic of Sahrani (DRS)
Capital City: Bagango (buh-gang-go) (EML_Z6)
Airfield: Pita Airfield (EML_Z3)
Runway Length: 1100 m Type: Grass

WML Zone - West Main Landmass - Kingdom of South Sahrani (KSS)
Capital City: Paraiso (puh-raise-oh) (WML_Z2)
Airfield: Paraiso-International
Runway Length: 1400 m Type: Concrete

SWI - South West Islands - Rahmadi
Capital City: Rahmadi (Rah-ma-dee)
Airfield: Rahmadi
Runway Type: Grass

NEI - North East Islands Zone - Antigua

SEI - South West Islands Zone

NWI - North West Islands Zone


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Approx 20-30 pictures added to the album. EML_Z1 and EML_Z2 both broken down in pictures. Once all the zone are pictured there will be building lists added.

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This is a video I put together of the differences between A1/Caa1 Sahrani and Our Full A2 Port that we released in the beginning of the month on BI Forums/Armaholic.

It will be used in our next release of DayZ Sahrani scheduled for the 1st or 2nd week of September.