DayZ Server Error

I just finished installing my server and when I try to join it it crashes the server and gives me this error.
include file z/addons/dayz_code/gui/description.hpp not found. <-- When I check this folder there isnt description.hpp like it says.

I followed the steps in this video.


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epoch is normally simple to install, but this looks like an misconfigured extramodifikation in your mission folder.
check for errors in your *.rpt File in the Missionconfigfolder and when you need help, post this.

PS: sorry, i saw too late that this is an old posting, hope your pobleme is gone now. ;)


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thanks for the reply. It was vanilla 1051 epoch. It was my bad that I ended up with different versions. I downloaded a bunch of different things from the website and github and extracted the wrong one. The final error was "the server is running an incorrect version". And the fix was to install msvc2013. RTFM! - Read the Friendly Manual. Now, I'm going to wait for 1.0.6 to finish up this project.