Completely new Features!
* New Map, Napf by MoMo
* Tons of new buildings
* New custom central Hive system
* Take Clothing
* Customized Player Crosses
* Customized Base Building
* Entirely New Zombie movement system! (Play to find out more!)
* Entirely new Agro system! (Play to find out more!)
* Vehicle Bombs!
* Swap positions with the Helicopter pilot!
* Drug effects
* Spawn Location system
* Class selection system
* TINY Mission file (900 bytes) for quicker logins
* Entirely new Zed sounds!
* When TheLaughingMan plays, all zeds will triple agro him.

Enhanced versions
* Customized version of DayZAi
* Enhanced Fog system
* House lighting
* Tons of new skins
* Female Ghillie suit
* Repair and Refuel
* Player Cannabalism
* R3F Realism system
* German and Swiss weaponry
* Tons of new vehicles
* DayZ Epoch features (Many of the DayZ Epoch features are included)
* Vehicle Scavenging/Fuel Siphoning
* Crafting
* Hero/Bandit leveling system
* Knock out players
* Player Suicide
* More female models!

There but still a WIP

* Class system
* Clan system
* House leveling system
* Fort system for Clans
* Neon addon for cars

There are a ton more enhancements, tweaks and features. Play to find the rest!
Hi thevisad, i tried to register at your website but i dont receive any confirmation email.

I removed any old registrations that failed and connected the site to gmails servers. Try to register again and let me know if you have any additional issues.
Actually trying to finish the patch for the next version, just minor bug fixes left to patch up. I am also updating the inventory manager program to work with the unleashed databases.