DayZA3 with SARGE AI working


Hey guys,
just wanted to share my trial and errors with you all. With LOTS of testing i was able to get it working in A3. you see the problem was that setVehicleInit, processInitCommands or variables of such commands were removed from A3 and replaced with BIS_fnc_MP. Yea, sucks for most major scripts right? Well i went thru line by line and converted all of those types of calls to look more like this....and bare with my crude coding:
Exp: if we have something like this.....;

_dummy setVehicleInit "this setIdentity 'id_SAR';this hideObject true;this allowDamage false;";

Well then, we need to change it something like this....;

_initdummy = format["this setIdentity 'id_SAR';this hideObject true;this allowDamage false;"];
["_initdummy","_dummy"] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;

and then of corse comment out any 'processInitCommands;' that are lying around.

Now this may be a rude and crude way around it, BUT it is working. ive got NO errors (relating to the scripts). And ill tell you what, It sure is fun running around Cherno avoiding the patrols and fire fights, and watching AI fight over the 600 vehicles i got, all while attempting to avoid the Zeds!
Oh and a side note, Rocket_DZ does NOT work in the DayZA3, so swap him out for some other model.
Note, i am NOT hosting a DayZA3 server, just using it for closed testing. I want to thank all the peeps over at Zoombies for their hard work. infact to EVERYONE who made it possible. I only take credit for the tedious work of converting some of the code.
Feel free to shoot me a line, or find me at


Do you still have a copy of this? I am really interested! I have a full working client/server Zoombies set up, but I am mainly interested in the Sarge AI port to Arma 3. That is impressive!


OpenDayZ Guru!
I wouldnt hold my breath since you asked in a top that was a 1 1/2 years old and that guy hasn't bee on the website for 6 months.
I had a Dayz/Arma3 port until they told us last month that Dayz is not allowed to be used in anything except Arma2 .
We used EOS and it worked perfectly. No need to port anything.


It has been awhile but mainly cuz I got sucked into dayz SA coding. If you follow my examples you ca. Spend a few hours going thru each sarge sqf and change what Nessa changing. I'm sure I have the edits laying around somewhere. I'm actaully in process of trying to port it over to SA. Good luck.