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Admins wanted preferably with infistar experience.

We have a strict policy that admins do not play on our servers.

* This includes spawning in items for your own entertainment. (its a big no no!)

* Aiding friends and colleges who are part of the general player population.

* Informing any player of information you have acquired from your position of authority (player position, Base location. Player possessions etc)

* interfering with the player population and their encounters in any way outside of administration duties. Don't spawn next to a player during encounters.

* Should you be in the mist of dealing with a player issue in the open world and another player shows up then just say "i have to go" and leave the area immediately

* Do not teleport players for their gain.

* Do not refund items lost to Arma glitches or late log outs. ( Arma is a glitchy game and when modded even more so. We don't refund gear lost to glitches or late log outs)

* should a player lose a item to a server crash or a hacker then you may aid the player within reason ( if they tell you they lost 200 AS50's then they are probably exaggerating )

You are expected too..

* Spend a adequate amount of time in your role. (There is no point in having a admin who only shows up and does the job for a hour or two a week)

* Provide player donation items.

* Answer any questions the player base may inquire about (features, rules etc)

* Enforce the rules. ( should a player report a rule breaking to you try fix the issue. Should you not see the rule infringement in progress you will need evidence of the infringement)

* Observe the general player population for any rule breaking, Glitching, Hacking etc. ( This is pertinent for new players and unfamiliar players )

* Delete vehicles which may be obscuring the trader spawn points ( Unfortunately all too often players leave locked vehicles blocking trader spawns. Delete them )

* Deal with player issues. ( Item to be deleted etc.. provided you are beyond doubt that it is not interfering with the player population such as deleting one players item for another)

* Provide lost safe and door codes ( Use your initiative regarding doors. Our policy is that the player must have at least a partial amount of the code so we know it is their safe)

* Deal with player population disputes regarding a rule provided the evidence leaves you with no doubt. ( We cant act with reasonable doubt. that is why we encourage players to record)

Admins may play on any of our servers that they are NOT administrating on.

(If you are a admin on our Cherno Overpoch 1 server then you may play on our Panthera Epoch server or Cherno Overpoch 2 server. and vise versa.

You may not play on a server where you have powers)

All potential admins are put through a trial period. During this time you will have limited powers. You will be observed and shadowed. Should you not meet the standards expected you may be removed from the position.

Please apply on the website under the staff application tab at DeadcellGaming
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