DEVILS SERVER[Drugs+][Cars+][50K Start][BlackMarket][C4 Raid][Factions]


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DEVILS SERVER[Drugs+][Cars+][50K Start][BlackMarket][C4 Raid][Factions]

(CURRENTLY GOT 20 SLOTS BUT WILL BE INCREASING ONCE MORE PLAYERS JOIN)..............The Devils Server Community is a fun, PVP and challenging server after spending months upon months on the server making it as fun and as supportive to the players as possible, I Aim to achieve the best play style for my server by constantly updating and changing the server to ways that would meet players expectations, I Have also created Server Mod Packs And Will Be Adding more to the packs, I Have got 2 mod packs with Faction Items like map armbands and also custom Clothing, loading screen and Main Menu Music, I Have Made It a very hard challenging server by removing stuff that makes it boring, If You Are Interested Come And Take A Look. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this it means a lot. We Look Forward To Meeting With You On The Deadly Paths Of Deer Isle!

What Is Included In The Server;

Over 500 Weapons
Custom Modded Vehicles
Two Traders Drugs And Vehicle Trader
Garage System
Factions With Own Setup and unique Design
Custom Modded Clothing
Active Admins
C4 Raiding
Events That will happen Every Fortnight
Own Custom Loading Screen, Main Menu And Menu Music
Own Custom Vehicles That Are Currently In Development

And Much Much More!!

If You Are Interested Please Come And Join The Server!...