Different helicopters for military/bandits


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Hey guys,

As the title suggests i'm trying to specify which heli a certain group has access to.

This is in the sarge config file.

// format: [areamarker,type_of_group,(respawn),(respawntime)] call SAR_AI;
// areamarker : Name of an area, as defined in your area definitions (MUST NOT BE similar to SAR_area_ ! THIS IS IMPORTANT!)
// type_of_group : 1 = military, 2 = survivors, 3 = bandits
// respawn : true or false (optional)
// respawntime : time in secs until group respawns (optional)
// air_vehicle_type : classnema of the air vehicle you want to use

So i used....
Military group
[SAR_marker_helipatrol_nwaf,1,true,UH60M_EP1_DZ] call SAR_AI_heli;
Bandit group
[SAR_marker_DEBUG_veh,3,true,30,UH1H_DZ] call SAR_AI_heli;

Hasn't worked tho, any help would be great.