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Introducing Higly Customized DayZ Epoch & DayZ Overpoch Servers!

Hosted by:

Server's IP Adresses:

DN | A2 Epoch | Chernarus - IP:
DN | A2 Overpoch | Chernarus - IP:
DN | A2 Overpoch | Lingor - IP:
DN | A3 Overpoch | Chernarus - IP:

All servers runs Single Currency Gold Coins!!
Overpoch wich is regular Epoch with all the extra goodies from Overwatch requires additional launch parameteres to join.
Simply paste the following under additional launch parameters in dayzcommander/sixlauncher and join as you would any other server.
Launch paramateres for Overpoch: -mod=@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;
Launch parameters for Overpoch Lingor: -mod=@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@dayzlingor;

We also have a free to use, non-passworded teamspeak 3 server.
Any groups wanting their own channel will get so by simply asking a mod in the channel.
TS3: ts.dayznorway.com

Join our servers by adding us to your favorites or simply filter for DN in the browserlist.
We also have a serverlist on our own website and regulary update changelogs unique to our servers.

Below follows a list of the custom features unique to our servers.

Epoch & Overpoch Specific:
Custom anti-hack since 2013
Server side revamped and improved for optimal performance
Server backups every 10 minutes
Variety of custom admin tools to help players and monitor potential rule breakers
Extensive security and logging of admins to ensure there is no admin abuse
Change door and safe codes easily
Take clothes from dead players and AI
Build a variety of vehicles, just right click your toolbox
Blood bag yourself, or in more dire situations, you can eat it
Kill yourself with any secondary weapon, as long as you have 1 bullet
Open/close the armoured SUV gunner hatch
Smoke the hookah at traders
Teabag dead players
Loot unconcious players
Loot dead players' wallets
Gold coin currency
Online banking at safes
Retina Scanner for doormanagement.
Custom vehicle textures.
Custom vehicle paint script.
Custom humanity board.
Custom killboard.
Plot pole and building ownership stays forever, even after death
Changing clothes automatically drops your backpack and removes grass (if you are on grass)
Many rewritten epochmod scripts to ensure best performance for the client and server
Building only takes one step
Locked vehicles don't take damage near plot poles
AI spawn with wallet cash from 0-2000 coins
Random AI events like weapon and building supply drops
Revamped WAI missions, low performance impact server-side, admin controllable
Revamped snap PRO, much faster and optimized
Revamped R3F tow & lift system
Custom buy/sell GUI for items that allows you to select quantity to buy/sell, very fast and easy!
-- Buying/selling things like weapons/vehicles is also instant!
Custom kill messages with pictures!
Custom AI camps around the map with military barracks and more
Custom player tags, you can see players names by looking at them if they are within 15m of you
Custom spawn selection
Custom respawn system that allows you to quickly respawn without having to return the lobby
Custom HUD, old icons removed, new revamped icons added
Custom plot pole menu where you can manage friends, linked to the same !addfriend !delfriend commands
Custom buildings and landmarks added at most cities
Custom safezones with parking lots and landing pads
Custom safezone protection with vehicle and player protections
Custom loot table with higher military drops
Custom friend system that allows you to track friends with a GPS
Custom private message system that allows you to send private messages to others in-game.
Custom chat command system, just type !help in-game! !help, !pm, !re, !ts3, !rules, !intro, !music, !online, !friends, !addfriend, !delfriend, !grouptags, !viewdistance, !nograss, and 9 other animation commands!
Bikes that are unused for 1 day get automatically deleted
Vehicles that are unused for 7 days get automatically deleted
Bases that are unmaintained for 14 days get automatically deleted
Empty storage (safe/lockbox/tent) that are unaccessed for 14 days get deleted.
Safes that are unaccessed (nothing removed/added) for 14 days get their codes reset to 0000
Safes that are unaccessed (nothing removed/added) for 16 days get automatically deleted
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First post updated with changed IP adresses.
We moved to a better host thus the IP change.

DN | A2 Epoch | Chernarus - IP:
DN | A2 Overpoch | Chernarus - IP:
DN | A2 Overpoch | Lingor - IP:
DN | A3 Overpoch | Chernarus - IP:

Join in guys!


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What do you mean "wrote" it? :p
Well dami claims to do a lot things, 'anti hack' cough cough. Ask anyone who's been around a while.

And he is global banned on many accounts and banned on all of the public dayz forums, except his own :p
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  • Added: 3 New AI protected locations. With loot boxes for those who prevail.
  • Added: Maintenance tax. And heightened maintenance costs.
  • Added: Website: Killboard.
  • Added: Website: Updated restart times for each server.
  • Added: Website: Updated Cleanup routines to specify what happens when on the servers.
  • Addeed: New bandit trader on Lingor.
  • Addeed: Black market trader on Lingor.
  • Fixed: Toggle plot pole arrows. Visual guidance to see where the plot pole range is.
  • Fixed: Maintenance should now work as normal. Remember to maintain your stuff. Decay is 10 days!
  • Fixed: Marker errors. Minor stuff.


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Updated: 24/03/15

All Servers Specific:

  • Added: New Tow&Lift system, no more towing trains, works the same just better.
  • Added: AI Loot scales based on player count.
  • Added: Amount of items in crate is scaled based on player count.
  • Added: Amount of cash found on AI is scaled on amount of players attempting a mission (more players near mission, more money on AI bodies).
  • Added: At 15+ player count, crates have 70% chance (per each item) to spawn: 50oz briefcases, cinderblocks, metal floors, metal panels, cinder walls, combo locks, and hot wire kits.
  • Added: At 20+ player count, crates have 40% chance (per each item) to spawn: 100oz briefcases, 2000RND m134, 150RND DSHKM, 48RND MK19, 29RND AGS30.
  • Added: At 30+ player count, crates have 20% chance to spawn: Maaws, m107, All MK 17 variants, KSVK, LRR, M110 NVG, CSS vintorez, RPG18, and the AS50.
  • Added: AI cleanup will now wait for players to leave the objective.
  • Added: New hero missions added.
  • Added: Changed AI difficulty.
  • Added: Amount of AI at missions is scaled based on player count.
  • Added: Ability to cancel packing deployed vehicles by moving.
  • Added: Punishment for talking over side is now more severe than before.
  • Added: You can now unlock/lock vehicles within 100M by right clicking it's key.
  • Added: Friends will now get "x removed you from their friendlist" whenever you delete them.
  • Fixed: Minor error when unlocking doors with retina scan.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where loot would not spawn for some players.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue with group tags when friends were in vehicles with non-friends, or in the passenger seat but not the driver seat, etc.
  • Fixed: Fixed misc friendlist issues.
  • Fixed: Fixed not being able to use flares after respawning.
  • Fixed: Fixed (may still occur if you change/modify a safe 10min prior to restart) issues with safes wiping after code changes.
  • Fixed: Self bloodbag wasn't reseting sound.
  • Fixed: Self bloodbag in vehicle was causing you to "stand" in vehicles.
  • Fixed: When deleting someone, it should also remove you from their friendlist.