Elektro Quarantine Zone


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That came across a little harsh from me LB, I meant it much more tongue-in-cheek. I can hardly point and laugh at anyone, you should see the mistakes I make every day.

Chris Atkins

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I've actually edited it. The image that has the 10 tents, (5) tents each, around a campfire...that has been removed and a military tent is in it's place. Along with the "added mass grave", that is also gone.
Followed the link to try and see pictures but it keeps telling me the files are no longer on the drive... Any way you could post them up on here or update the links? Sorry for any inconveniences, just curious about how this looks before I go through the process of adding it into my server.



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he had them on his dropbox and they got deleted I guess. He is on my website most every day. I will ask him to update the links although since he has moved on to Arma3 he probably doesn't have anything left to provide for images. Which is why, forum software should not use links for image but should have people actually insert/upload the images for inline display.