ElementZ | 200K start | Namalsk | pvp | 3pp and 1pp | custom mods | Door Raid Only | loot++ | high tier loot | gauss rifle - 25k referral system


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We Would like to invite you to join ElementZ
You can join our discord discord.io/ElementZ
If that does not work then try https://discord.gg/93je9g7D
All information regarding everything on the server is in the discord
Server Ip:
Mods on the server BBP, Codelock, inventory plus plus, airdrop, hacking mod, breaching charge and many many more. Upon joining if you have any ideas for custom skins on guns you are able to put them into suggestions and they will be made for the server :).

We are currently running a referral system so if you as the person joins the discord and server and you bring a friend/team member. Per member you will receive 25k so if you brought 8 people to the server and discord then you would receive 25k x 8 which is 200k and each one of your people you brang in would receive 25k each

Our server has been up for a week and already beginning to pop so look forward to seeing you guys on there.

Remember Namalsk is a Subzero temperature level which is why you will be cold and you will get sick. It’s namalsk, stay warm make fires and wear insulated gear. Good luck out there guys and see you soon