Epoch Vendor Help


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I'm looking for some help with the DayZ Epoch server I've setup. I've followed the instructions, and even tried seeking help on their official TeamSpeak server (but the devs don't give anyone permission to enter the rooms they stay in or whisper to them), with no luck.

The vendors will exchange items, like zombie parts for biomeat, or empty bottles for copper, but they list no items for buy/sell. I've modified the quantities within the database to no avail. There has to be something I'm overlooking here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My next issue is with vehicle spawns. I've set the amount of random vehicles spawns to 1000, and allotted something like 20 for each type of vehicle, yet my server spawns no more than 150 vehicles at any time.

I love Epoch so far, but these are basically show-stoppers.

Scripts I've added:
Care Packages
Animated Heli Crashes