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Welcome to the Airport Warriors Server!



• Server restart times: 00, 06, 12, 18 UTC

• 100% Dedicated server with i9 9900k CPU and 64GB of RAM

We have been playing DayZ since the original ArmA2 mod in 2012, our experience is now reflected on this server. Our modding team has made a range of tweaks into the game to provide what we call an Enhanced Gameplay, keeping it as much vanilla as possible while improving the overall gameplay experience. Some of the features include:


We have reworked the vanilla base building system, and plan on extending it later on as our community grows. Like most of you, we did not welcome how easy it was in the vanilla version to break into a base. A single person could, in minutes, destroy your base ruining your work of hours if not days. We have changed this for better balancing. These are the changes we have made to date:

• Only a sledgehammer can destroy base walls (fences).

• Only hacksaws can destroy locks.

• A single player will need about 15 minutes to destroy a wall section or a lock.

• Several players can simultaneously destroy a wall section and reduce that time proportionately.

• Any progress on wall/lock damage is persistent. If you don't finish your job you can come and finish it later.

• Damaged wall sections can be repaired with a hammer (from the outside), combination locks with epoxy putty.

• Tools get damaged while using them, you will probably need several of them to successfully break into a base.

• Sledge hammers and many other raiding tools can be repaired with epoxy putty.

• We have revamped the combination locks (see separate article). It won't be easy anymore to brute-force the code.

• Dismantling parts from inside the base will be more difficult for players other than the owner (the player who initially built the part). It takes longer time and tools get more damage.

We hope with these changes to encourage base building through making bases more difficult break into and destroy, while at the same time not removing or prohibiting those options.


We have adjusted the struggle time needed to liberate from the different types of restraints. The times range from the vanilla one for the duct tape to several minutes for the metal handcuffs. The times to break the restraints using different tools have also been slightly adjusted. We hope this leads to better and more varied interactions between survivors!


Our custom written airdrop script brings a new experience into the game and more opportunities for those looking for quality PvP.

• Airdrops are currently set on a fixed schedule, every 90 minutes since 00:30 UTC. (00:30, 02:00, 03:30, 05:00... and so on. UTC Time.)

• You can have advance notice of incoming airdrops and their location by monitoring 87.8Mhz on your radio a few minutes before these times.

• There are a variety of military airdrops both with eastern and western military material, as well as others medical and car part supplies.

• You will find, almost exclusively on them, the most coveted weapons, including the M82 Barret, the AS Val and the Osiris T-5000 among others!


We missed the mechanics of the Mod's saline bag and we found redundant that Bohemia chose to use it to increase blood regeneration when we already have blood bags. Our modification tries to bring back the Mod's feel while keeping the effects similar to a realistic saline IV. Thus, using a saline bag on your character will increase your hydration without going through your digestive system (very handy if having trouble with cholera) and will also give you a small boost in health regeneration for a few minutes, so it is also useful in combat.

In relation to this, we have also created pre-filled blood bags that will spawn in medical airdrops. They indicate their blood type on their label so make sure that it is compatible with your character's!


Vehicles and DayZ SA have sadly never been good friends. We have tried (and keep actively working) to find workarounds for many of the problems present in the vanilla game. Our server also runs on leading edge hardware to minimize bottleneck/lag related issues. We also plan to add additional 3rd party quality vehicles as they become available and any suggestions are welcome. You will find the next main changes from vanilla:

• Flipped cars can be rolled upright by aiming at them with empty hands (may require more than one player in the future)

• Cars can now be repaired using a wrench! Just use it on the engine or fuel tank to repair any existing damage.

• Fixed most cases of players getting injured when getting out of vehicles!

• Included a new premium vehicle, the Land Rover Defender. It's spawn points are new so have fun finding it!


We have selected only the best addon weapons in the Workshop for a wider range of operations!

Our team is constantly working on bringing you a better gaming experience. We will be more than happy to receive feedback from you.

Our dedicated server features an i9 9900k cpu and 64gb of RAM, and it is located in one of the most reliable datacenters in Europe for the best gameplay performance and stability.

Our priority is to keep the original vanilla DayZ essence, that's why we will not consider adding traders, safe zones and/or GPS.

Join now our community! Let's create a better DayZ experience together!


We believe in freedom of expression and also that DayZ should be played however you feel. However, and although it should be common sense, we remind of you of the following:

• NO Hacking, Exploiting, Glitching.

• DO NOT share base or player location via Discord.

• DO NOT disconect while in combat (combatlogging). Combat is considered 5 minutes after last engagement.

• DO NOT exploit base building to build unrealistic structures.

• Last but not least... USE COMMON SENSE! And have fun!
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Congratulations on your server!

A friend and I joined last night and today and we love it! We had a very low ping from Europe.

I like your airdrops, much better than what I had seen before and we hope to try your base building changes soon!

Keep it up!