[EU/UK] The Walking Z | PvE Only | Chernarus

We are pleased to announce the launch of our arma 2 Old School DayZ Epoch Server. We are a growing community that is a looking for a foot hold in the arma community. We welcome all community Suggestion, join our discord and have your say https://discord.gg/57usApC

What we have so far and our plans

Our Features

Base missions with some custom ones.
Custom Loot tables and traders.
Realistic Towing.
Custom Towns and cites.
Slow Zombies (still a threat and more of them.)
Better HUD.
Loyalty time reward, The longer you play the more money you get.
Self Blood Baging.
Air drops.

Many little changes to improve your experience.

We want to try and keep it more realistic then other servers. We are NOT a military grade server

Server Information

Server IP:
Website: http://thewalkingzuk.co.uk
Discord: https://discord.gg/57usApC

Server Rules.
No Cheating / Hacking.
No Exploiting Bugs, Report them to us for rewards.
Please don't leave your vehicles in safe zones, as on restarts they get teleported out and unlocked.
Treat staff & players with respect.

Restricted Buildings
Fire Stations
Control Towers
General Stores
Vehicle Service Point

NOTE: What we mean by "Restricted Buildings" is you can not build with in them

Gang / Group / Clan Packages
If you are a group/clan/gang or just a group of friends of 3+ you are about to get a group package. To get this message Reaper on discord with your member names and he will sort you out

We offer you a unique experience while playing on our servers with great peoples, Fair adult admins and mature staff.
Experienced staff with experience and successful servers from Arma 2 to Arma 3, Enjoyable game experience with a lot to do. We will enforce the rules as strongly as we can to get rid of any peoples trying to break this great experience for us.

Hope to see you soon.
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