Everz community, fast growing brand new!


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Everz is giving you the Experience of PVP and PVE Survival!
Everz is a new server with a friendly staff trying to find a great player base!
Events daily!

What we provide:
Highly active and friendly Staff
Active and organized Discord
Respectful and friendly Playerbase
Balanced server economy with great basebuilding and vehicles
Exclusive mods
Team factions and so much more to explore

▫ Unlimited stamina
▫ Helicopters
▫ Earplugs
▫ Trader
▫ Much Stuff Pack
▫ Weapon Redux Pack
▫ Fidov Pack 4
▫ Codelock
▫ Airdrop
▫ Autorun
▫ Check Identity
▫ Killfeed
▫ Custom Trader page
▫ Breaching charge (C4)
▫ Clouds Military Gear
▫ Everz Custom Gear
▫ No glove or Shoe damage
▫ Vanilla Plus Plus Map
▫ Dayz Expansion Notifications
▫ Build Anywhere
▫ Basebuilding+
▫ Everz own custom guns
▫ CMZ Supercar
▫ VPPAdminTools
▫ VPPNotifications
▫ CF
▫ Psycho Dayz Vehicle Expansion

Please feel free to check out our server and community!
Server Name: EVERZ|High Loot|High PVP|Exclusive Mods|Cars|Helicopters|
Discord: https://discord.gg/xZSFRU7