For Dedicated Servers?


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I read up on the software again... but when I grabbed to try and use it again on my boxes; I can't figure out how to just have it 'work' with my already existing servers.

I dislike how I have to go through that 'setup wizard' for adding the servers file (or something like that?). I already have my servers running in their own various folders and databases set up.

I'm hoping that, maybe, a 'lite' version could be made where it doesn't have to worry about the server setup/wizard part and can just 'hook into' my existing stuff.

I tried telling it "I have a SQL Server" (or whatever it was) during the Wizard but when I got to the end of it nothing really happened... It asked me to run the wizard again. That's when I stopped tonight.

It seems all other admin tools are semi-working (DayZ Mapper / DayZAdmin Web) since 1.7.5.x now. I certainly want to get the best/most updated tools working for me on my dedicated boxes.


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lol - I don't know Crosire; I'm not the guy that made DayZ Control Center, sheesh, bite my head off.

However my answer would be to dev it for each; obviously that would take a lot of time but that would certainly be the answer to your question.

Thanks for the response.


I simply can't, the other packages cannot support the features, they don't have a web server build in and what not. Sorry, if you want to use the CC you have to use the build in serverfiles. Migrating from bliss is possible, everything else not.