Freelance Mercenaries DayZ Overpoch Chernarus server

What admins events would you prefer?

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  • Air death matches.

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  • Amazing race.

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  • Closed circuit races.

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  • Gladiator matches.

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Features :

Action Menu - Allows user to change view distance, colour filters and flip vehicles + More!

Trader Safe zones - Keeps you safe when your selling your things!

Many map edits including Concrete Balota, several loot able forts and castles around the map, a bridge to stary which includes a fort as well!

An AI city with 200+ AI, if you manage to take on the AI there is a very large reward hidden deep within the city!

Vehicle towing - You can airlift and tow your vehicles!

A hybrid AI mission system - We have 2 AI mission systems running at the same time which do not interfere with each other giving the missions more variety!

Snap builder pro to make building easier and neater!

Service Points with refuel, repair and re-arm features!

Self Blood Bag

Flip vehicle script so that you can flip your vehicle when you somehow flipped it the wrong way.

Big guns - Guns like the M107 , as-50 and even rocket launchers are all available at traders!

Militarised Vehicles - You can buy tanks to use as invincible transportation but it does not come cheap!

Categorised traders to make your trading much easier!

No plot pole

No Overburdening or weight!

More map edits to come!

New server so the server is fresh and you can build a base where you desire.

Custom loot

Active and supportive admins!

Every 3 days an admin event happens! can include races from a simple race to an amazing race which includes many different vehicles, death matches on foot or in a vehicle, Gladiator fights in a Arena and whatever the admins can think of! FEEL FREE TO RECOMMEND ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO AS AN EVENT HERE OR ON TS!

PLUS MORE TO COME!!! Recommend more to us here, on TS or on steam!

Server rules!

<<General server rules>>

1. Glitching, hacking or exploiting anything on the server will result in a perma ban on the server.

2. Lieing to an admin for personal gain will result in a warning then a 10 day ban if you try again.

<<Trader zone rules>>

1. Waiting to access a car while the owner unlock's it and stealing or getting in it will result in a 30 minute ban.

2. Accessing another players gear in a trader and stealing something will result in a 20 minute ban ban.

3. Trader camping is allowed but is frowned apon.

4. Stealing fuel or salvaging parts from a land vehicle is allowed.

5. Leaving a locked or unlocked vehicle in trader for longer than 2 days will result in the vehcile being deleted.

6. No trader ramming or an admin will kill you and your car.

<<Base Building and raiding>>

1. Building a base over a road is allowed as long as it is not a main road.

2. Sky bases are not allowed, they must be attached to some kind of structure green mountains needle would be sufficient enough.

3. Sea bases are allowed but hard to do, keep that in mind.

4. Building bases in main towns/cities is allowed but beware they are very prone to attack.

5. There are no rules againt base kamikaze.

6. No glitching into bases or perma ban will be the only reward for the raid.

7. Marking the raided base on the map after it has been opened and raided is allowed, but if it is untouched and has not been raided marking it will result in broken legs.

<<Vechicle rules>>

1. Not any rules on this! other than no trader ramming.

<<Combat rules>>

1. Combat logging will result in a knock out the first time, but if you combat log a second time you will be 1 day banned, a third time and you will be week banned.


<<Side Chat, trolling and roleplay>>

1. No spamming side chat or you will get broken legs.

2. Swearing in side is ok but excessive spamming will result in a 30 minute ban.

3. Roleplay is encouraged and will be rewarded.

4. Asking for help from an admin in side is ok but excessive spamming of help will result in a mute.

5. Asking for help from an admin in side is ok but teamspeak is prefered due to being able to communicate better, and donator kits will not under any curcumstances be dealt with if you ask for it in side.