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WarZ Survival - PvP - Factions - 10x Loot / Guns / Cars

WarZ is a server on xbox looking for new players to fill up the map! Come join us and earn credits while you play to buy exciting things from the shop like NPC’s that comes with a good variety of gear for building or all out war!

Or maybe just buy a vehicle spawn and take the ride up north to gear up? The choice is yours!

We’ll host weekly events like paintball using rubber slugs, or take your credits to the boxing ring and challenge your rival, or just place bets and spectate..

Maybe you’re into getting rich and becoming the servers arms dealer by supplying players with the means to slaughter others? Maybe you wanna become a mercenary? You could also become a smuggler or start a cartel and deal cannabis, vodka or cigarettes. Or maybe hunting players for bounties sounds exciting to you? Whatever you want!

Raids starts on Fridays and end on Sundays! Bring your faction to war and demolish your enemies.

Come join this amazing community on discord and find out more today!

Rules: No weekday raids, no popcorning of loot, no base boosting or base logging and no griefing within event/safe zones.