**FRESH WIPE** EvolutionDayZ |250k Start|1PP|PvP|Trader|Heli|Loot+


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FRESHWIPE Evolution DayZ | 1PP Chernarus Evolution DayZ

Evolution DayZ is a new Server/Community within the DayZ modding community which started with the aim to build its server around its players, taking suggestions and making them become features within our server giving the community a voice. With weekly community meetings and weekly updates the server never gets boring! Our servers fulfill the need of all players, PVP & PVE play styles which work in tandem with our custom edits and mods!

* Dedicated i9 12900k Hardware

* Keycards & KeyCard rooms

* Custom military additions

* Base Building Plus (Gate and Door raiding only)

* Spawn Selection

* Toxic Zones with High Tier loot

* Trader Safe zones & Black Market

* Map & Advanced Groups with markers

* Unlimited Stamina

* Player Effect Variables ( no sickness, no broken legs)

* Morphine fix broken legs

* Armored Vehicles & Helicopters with keys

* Vehicle covers

* KillFeed

* Airdrops


* Plenty of Firearms

* Weather

* Weekend Raiding

* And more waiting for you to experience!
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