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**This server aims to be as close to 0.62 legacy DayZ as it can be. (as far as it will take us)**

**OLD DAYZ / 0.62**

Atlas Bipod - Reduces sway when deployed - **(M4/AK/MOSIN)**
Mosin Scope - **(Old Long range scope)**
Damaged Scopes - **(Cracked Scopes that can be repaired)**
Spray Paint - Clothes & Weapons - **(Black/Green/Camo)**
Legacy Gunplay - **(Longer more intense Gunfights)**
Legacy Krasnostav Airfield - **(With an updated idea added to it)**
Legacy Balota Airfield


Catch Rain - **(Fill water bottles when its raining)**
Cars Attachments - **(Barrel & Wooden Crates)**
SkyZ-Skybox Overhaul - **(Closer to 0.62 clouds)**
Surrender Inventory - **(Access surrendered players inventory with F5)**
Vanilla Tanning & Leathering - **(Craft leather clothes and gear)**
Notes - **(Write notes with pen and paper)**
Better Snap Sounds - **(Legacy snap/bullet crack)**
Modified Stamina
Aim Sounds
Shake for fruit
Code Locks
Breaching Charge
Build Everywhere - **(Vanilla config changed)**
Loot - **(Slightly Increased)**

We also have other servers for you to enjoy!

"#1|FRESHSPAWNS|EU|1PP|Vanilla|More Loot|No Mods|More Stamina|" IP-

"#2|FRESHSPAWNS|EU|1PP|Helis|HighLoot|Market|Guns+|NoRain|" IP-

"#5|FRESHSPAWNS|DeathMatch" IP-


Server 7 aims to bring back the old feeling of DayZ. It brings along
the old tanning system, Catch rain and painting. Those are missed since
the day it was removed, and give a great experience to survival aspect.
The server also bring back the old aim system from 0.62 and broken scopes.
Broken scopes can be fixed with electric-repair kit and you can feel the old
aiming system bring back some of the realisme that was in the 0.58 to 0.62
version of the game.
The server also have som special config for the cars like the truck and Hatchbach,
AKA gunther or golf.
The truck have been given more torque and hp, and gear ratio have been adjusted
to reach topspeed about 80 kph, just as in old times.
The gunter have an upgraded engine, and the engine is nothing less than a
GTi G60, that came to the marked in 1990-1991. that engine will bring the
car 0-100 kph in less than 10 sec, and 0-200 in about 25 sec. Top speed we
leave to you to find out, but be careful.
Along with those engine upgrades, the damage system have been tweaked to comfort.
This means there will be no car damage in ridiculous low speeds. you will most
of the time be safe with crashes under 60 kph. It still mean you need to drive
safe above that limit.
The server comes with very few mods, and will almost be like the vanilla.
But for bases and raiding, we have added C4 and codelock. The placements of base walls are
tweaked to less collision meaning you could build where you want. This is added as quality
mods for better experience. This means there will be worth gathering metals and it
give a litle extra to find and create C4 to do raids. The only items mod (exept c4 and
codelock) we`ve added is SpurgleZ_Bags just because its an amazing addon.
The view distance is raised, and with powerful enough hardware on your computer you
can be able to see a stunning 3.8km making it alot easier to navigate thru Chernarus.
View distance can be adjusted in settings ingame under the tab Game. We recomend you
adjust it to fit your hardware performance. For information, this will not render players at
longer distance than vanilla, and it cant be adjusted to a shorter view distance than vanilla
to avoid viewdistance abuse.

Other than that, the servers provide weather and nights in a balanced way. The loot
is fairly adjusted to give you the best experience DayZ can provide as sandbox/simulator
and the stamina is balanced to give you more headroom but still be a thing.

We encourage to test it out!
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