Future of DZAI beyond 2014


OpenDayZ Rockstar!
Long-time users of DZAI will probably have noticed that the rate of new releases as slowed down greatly recently. The main reason behind this is that the DayZ Mod scene has been stagnating and nothing new and exciting is expected to be released, unlike in the past when new mods were popping out left and right, like Epoch, DayZ Namalsk, DayZ 2017, Breaking Point, Overwatch, etc. At this point there isn't much to do with DZAI as far as development goes, and my interest also dwindling.

I do plan on making a "final" release in the form of DZAI 2.2.0. There are some minor improvements, but the biggest addition would be the introduction of spawn probabilities for static spawns. So, you could have small towns have very rare chances of AI encounter while military areas will almost always have AI breathing down your neck.

In 2015, I will be exploring the possibility of moving away from Arma 2 DayZ and am setting my sights on Arma 3 Epoch as the next goal for DZAI (which will need a name change). Adapting DZAI for A3 Epoch will take significant amounts of planning and development for several reasons:

  • I know jack all about Arma 3 and its new scripting commands
  • I know jack all about Arma 3 Epoch and its code
  • A3 Epoch in its current state seems to be very unfriendly towards server-side AI/vehicles
I will be waiting until the A3 Epoch devs make changes to their code to make it more friendly for server-side addons and then I will be starting my research phase. Please note that this will take some time - when I first developing DZAI, it took nearly a year until I was confident enough to make a full public release. Although, when I first started, I was barely able to read .sqf code so it won't take nearly as long this time around. But it will take time.

To all DZAI users, thanks for staying around for the ride and hope to see you again in 2015 in A3 Epoch if the code becomes more addon-friendly.


  • DZAI development is stopping soon (again)
  • "Final" release is expected to be 2.2.0 and released within the next few days
  • Arma 3 Epoch is the next goal for DZAI (+ a name change) but no promises at this point in time