Having Issue With Vehicle Spawn (

Hello all!

I just set up a fresh dayz mod server, and i can't make the vehicle spawn in the DB.
The DB is new.

Can anyone help me?

I did that, download the experimental file, and add in the DB all sql files, what i do now? the object_data it's still empty.
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I think you shouldnt have added that experimental into your db .. should have read the changelog first. Incorrect suggestion on my part :oops:, but then I am not running a Dayz server so dont read the changelogs.
there is this post ..
http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/225450-dayz-mod-1861/ which says the experimental spawn system has been merged into the sql ... have you used the current sql files?
besides all the changelogs and info in the top post, the post on the bottom of the page ..
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