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    Our server is fresh with Epoch on Chernarus,
    It has many nice features with more coming soon!

    Server website: www.heisenbergshideout.com



    Server Features:

    • Custom anti-hacks
    • Added weapons and vehicles
    • Weapon caches
    • Commit suicide
    • Custom take clothes option
    • Spawn selection
    • Self bloodbag/Consume blood-bag (Eat the BB, it gives you food and drink BUT had a high infection rate)
    • Additional buildings (nothing too game breaking)
    • Safezones w/ zombie shield, anti-theft and vehicle repair!
    • Alternate Traders (Something different from the usual Epoch Chernarus traders)
    • Tow & Lift!
    • Edited base building (makes building bases faster and easier)
    • Base build snapping (Snap your base building objects in place with other base building objects! Makes life easier for you when building [​IMG] )
    • Custom kill messages (Kill messages show up in a nice clean look at the top left side of your screen)
    • A.I Missions
    • Removed infection spawn (You won't have to deal with spawning as a zombie anymore!)

      Server rules can be located HERE

      Server owners:


      Server admins:


      Third Ordeal

      Friendly Guy

      Please feel free to leave any suggestions, feedback and bugs. If you encounter any problems please message one of my admins or myself.

      Enjoy your stay!

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