[HELP] How to add vehicles to Epoch?


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I'm currently trying to figure out how to add more vehicles into an Epoch server.

I had a regular DayZ server up before and could simply add spawn points for vehicles by using the admin map.

I've now switched over and hosting an Epoch server but i can't do that with the admin map anymore.

So i'm wondering exactly how do i go about adding in more spawn points for vehicles into my server as it currently has a small amount of planes/helis (about 3)

Currently hosting with dayz.st


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I see you problem I have the same issue now. I just used the epoch mod on st
did you ever figure it out ?


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Please let me know if you find the dynamic_vehicle.sqf I looked in both pbo and the actual @epoch folder
Change Vehicle Spawns
AllowedVehiclesList array found in dynamic_vehicle.sqf inside the MPMissions folder for the specific map.


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I have added vehicles to the Database and also got it to show on the traders menu but the problem I have now is at the traders the vehicles are shown as in brackets.

Example Normal item already added shows as :-

The items I have entered are showing as just a name in brakets (HMMMV.......)

How do I put the name before the brakets ?


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dynamic_vehicle.sqf location is
open that pbo, and its under missions\yourmapname that you want to edit the dynamic_vehicle.sqf.
**Note, all folders in there contain a dynamic_vehicle.sqf, so make sure your editing the one for your mission.**


u guys got any were with this im looking to add extra cars like hello kitty but not got a clue were to start.