How to add Vehicle to database to spawn?


I try to add Vehicle to my database, so more heli's will spawn in Oring.

With the mission editor i did make some spawnpoints. The location i can find in the .sql file [1538.0564, 7293.0635, -3.0517578e-005] but in the database is have a location [165,[8463.0762,6296.7925,4.5776367e-005]] so i am missing the first 3 numbers.

Do i need these or are they random? Or is there a script like Bliss you can import the new spawn point?

Hope somebody can help me?

I used the dbmissionparser.php! It doesnt usually work with Lite but I rewrote it to make it work with Lite! It uses the mission.sqf from the 3d mission editor and exports the vehicle location to my vehicle spawn table in my db! Works like a charm!