How to start a DayZ server with other Map?

I see so many Dayz servers with other map. like Lingor,Panthera, Namlask,Takistan.I'm tired of Chernorus and want to run some other map server.I had built some server with PwnozOr's dayz pack,or epoch server file from its official net,so i think i know stuffs about running a server. But i just can't figure out how to change server map.So can anyone tell me how to do it.Did i miss some server file, or some steps which i didn't operate it correctly?


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Its not hard to make a server with other maps and there are much tutorials for it.
Best way is to make an epoch server, this brings much maps with the standard pack and you need only to change your start config to the needed map file.


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a good info is this from a german site.

you need to download the other map, put it in your misson folder, change your startscript from server and client to "-mod=@DayZ_Epoch" to "-mod=@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ...yourmapname" and start both, and all should be ok.

Better you make a new database first, but it runs with the one from the over map too.

HAve fun with it. ;)
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