Hunk #2 failed at line 196 when using

Sil3nt Pr0digy

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I am creating a dayz taviana server, and these are the commands I am passing through to (NOTE: Same error occurs when using the Control Panel.)

perl --with-buildings --with-invcust --with-wrecks --serverversion 1744 --world tavi --instance 1
This command succeeds and is followed by this:

INFO: Merging Reality code into official server
22 File(s) copied
INFO: Merging changes for world tavi
Merging world changes into ./pkgs/pkg1744/buildings
1 File(s) copied
Merging changes for package ./tmp/buildings_tmp
Hunk #2 failed at line 196.
Is there a solution to this issue?

Sil3nt Pr0digy

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I was able to resolve the issue, I used

perl --with-invcust --with-wrecks --serverversion 1744 --world tavi --instance 1
instead, and followed the steps starting at step 3:

3. Download the default Server PBO from your control panel (advanced settings), and unpack with a PBO tool. (

4. Once unpacked, go to the "system" folder and then to "server_monitor.sqf" open that file with a text editor (highly recommend for syntax coloring).

5. At the very bottom of the "server_monitor.sqf" add this chunk of code:

// Spawn Buildings
//Send the key
_key = format["CHILD:999:select b.class_name, ib.worldspace from instance_building ib join building b on ib.building_id = where ib.instance_id = ?:[%1]:", dayZ_instance];
_data = "HiveEXT" callExtension _key;
diag_log("SERVER: Fetching buildings...");

//Process result
_result = call compile format ["%1", _data];
_status = _result select 0;

_bldList = [];
_bldCount = 0;
if (_status == "CustomStreamStart") then {
_val = _result select 1;
for "_i" from 1 to _val do {
_data = "HiveEXT" callExtension _key;
_result = call compile format ["%1",_data];

_pos = call compile (_result select 1);
_dir = _pos select 0;
_pos = _pos select 1;

_building = createVehicle [_result select 0, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
_building setDir _dir;
_bldCount = _bldCount + 1;
diag_log ("SERVER: Spawned " + str(_bldCount) + " buildings!");
6. Repack and upload the Server PBO and add your custom buildings using the main instructions at the beginning of this page.
This allowed the buildings I added into my database to spawn.

Hopefully this resolves any similar issues other users might have.