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Hey guys, my name is Grom and I own a Roleplaying Community for ArmA 2 DayZ and I need some ingame developers to help me make a mod, etc... So if you are willing to do this come talk to me on my teamspeak.

Teamspeak: roguerp.teamspeak3.com
Website: www.roguerp.enjin.com


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let me say that i do not have the time or knowledge for this project but i see the post is lacking details, so if you could provide more info it might help your search

  1. are YOU willing/able to do any of the work? i.e. are you looking for help or someone to do it all?
  2. a mod is different from a dayz server. do you want a totally unique custom MOD or do you want a custom server using an existing mod (epoch, overwatch, dayz)
  3. what is your vision of your future server?
  4. why would anyone want to help you? meaning whats in it for them... (hint: money is not the correct answer)
  5. are you alone or do you have other 'admins' who are able/willing to do something to further the project?