[IDEA] POWER GRIDS (Street Lights)

I've had this idea now for about 4 years now.

We'll need specific and/or additional tools with maybe some custom parts added for repairing the power grids. Once the power grids are up and running, street lights in the respective towns can be powered with a flick of a switch. Sabotage the grid post-repair and the system goes down. Maybe certain grids need to be daisy-chained together so power can get to that town increasing the difficulty and time investment.


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There was something similar to this in an old DayZ mod, (I forget which one exactly) but you could repair the generator/switching site and the local street lamps would fire up. This would be an excellent addition to SA.


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I was looking at the construction lights that currently spawn in game, if there was a way and I'm sure there's a way to edit them to think the have a generator attached and edit the appearance to just the bulb then they could be placed in the offline editor and line them up on the street lamps would take ages to do every bulb but if the editing of the bulb is possible to believe it's connected to the generater wouldn't take long to implement if each server owner did a town each. Also wouldn't matter if they were on all day long as they are not bright enough to show in daylight.

This idea hinges on an idea that I have no idea if possible to be done but I see loads of random stuff being modded if they can make a train run surely a light source can be tricked