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IvoryDayz Roleplay Community was founded by 3 people who had a vision to create a community for the people. After noticing other "RP" communities neglecting their members and not giving what the 'people want' we have created a playground for the member to enjoy and create their idealistic roleplay story. Instead of creating a quick money making community, the founders swayed away from paid forum ranks, and "money can buy you out". Instead the idea was made to create a platform that was enjoyable by including the community in the decision making. All the mods added to the server are community voted and made to create the best "ambience" for a post-apocalyptic setting.

A website was brought up to give the player the best possible outcome, wether it be communicating and meeting each other, or giving ideas and reporting game hacks, exploits and rule breaks:

Discord is a place to meet other community members, get direct help with staff members and socialise outside of the game.

Whitelisting is as easy as pie, all you have to do is answer a multiple choice and if you answer correctly, chances are you are in.