Killin Zedz

The Killin Zedz community, which was formed in early 2013, has returned to run a DayZ SA Experimental 0.63 server! Over the years, we've had servers for DayZ mod as well as it's offspring (Epoch mod for example). We expanded into Arma 3 mods as well, but the community was shut down earlier this year due to a lack of anything new to play and boredom.

Now that the 0.64 experimental files are out, we've got our own server up and running again. We are dedicated to preserve the sanctity of DayZ SA. We vow not to bastardize our server with stupid mods in an effort to change this to the DayZ mod on an updated engine. This is it's own game and we recognize that!

Features include:
  • Custom coastal spawns
  • 3PP view with weapon cursor
  • Accelerated time (24 hours passes during a 4 hours server cycle)
  • Four hour server restarts
  • Located in New York (East coast USA)
There's no application process. Just join our Discord server at and join us on the game server. You can even join the Discord server through your browser, without downloading and installing the Discord software!

Server info is in my signature.
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