Laser Sights and Flashlights Not Working

Hello everyone! I have an issue that I've been unable to find any sort of help for. I'm hoping someone here will know what's going on... Since we installed Rmod2.1 on our server we've been having a ball of fun! I've been spawning in various versions of the ACR and giving them away. I've taken one up as my main weapon.
During the first give-away several people discovered that the ACR has a laser sight. I immediately pulled my gun out and pressed L. Nothing at all happened. I pulled out my flashlight and pressed L. Nothing happened. I jump in a car and press L. The lights pop on right away.
I haven't edited any controls and even set them to default just to be sure. Nothing I do will get the laser or flashlights to turn on. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?
Hey dude,

The reason for the flashlight is not working I am not entirely sure maybe just the gun model when it was created was not given the function for the flashlight to work and this may be the same thing for the laser sights but even with the normal M4A1 CCO the flashlight does not work but to see the laser sight you have to be wearing NVG (NightVision Goggles).

Let me know if you find a solution would be nice to see the ACR variants working as intended.
Everyone I have given an ACR to can use the laser. They had a laser show going on. Those with flashlights work just fine. I pick up ANY gun with a laser or flashlight (G17 included) and press L and nothing works. Only thing L does is turn on headlights. Everyone is having a ball with the ACRs. I help run a PvE server so we're a pretty close knit community. I've tried everything. If I hand the gun to someone else it works for them. I give NVG in the default loadout because most of us play during the night and we run on a normal 24 hour cycle. I can see lasers and flashlights but they just don't work for me. The ACR is my new favorite gun as it takes out normal zeds with one shot and can be SD. I've never messed with controls and once upon a time flashlights and lasers worked for me. I just didn't use them for a few months.
Well, no because this is the server I co-own and they work for everyone else on the server. My finace, who is the official owner, can use it on his laptop and I was the one who installed his dayz, the same as mine. That's what's so confusing. I can only turn car lights on. We have given ACRs out to the server and everyone on it can get the laser to turn on but me. :confused: