Last Stand Epoch Tow/Lift | Deploy Bike | Self BB | Custom Missions

Last Stand Epoch

LSE is a fresh server looking for more active players.

What does our server offer?

· Dedicated voice chat (team speak)

· Adult admins that actually help you ingame

· The classic Dayz Epoch game with only the most benefical mods

Our server features:

· Tow / Lift

· Self-bloodbag

· Refuel / Rearm / Repair

· Deploy bike / motorcycle / mozzie

· Missions

· Patrolling AI

· Random AI spawns

· Custom Loot

· Custom traders

· Custom map content

· Day / Night cycle Vote

· Group management

· Plot management

· Snapbuilding Pro

· Vector Building

How to join?

1. Download Epoch

2. Copy and paste: “-mod=@DayZ_Epoch;” into your Launchparameters (without the “ “ ofc.)

3. Join the server. Using IP:





Hey everyone, Hereby I announce our very first event. It is planned for Sunday the first or February at 20:00 GMT+1 (19:00 GMT/UTC),

I'll add a poll so you can vote on the events you like the most, however if we do not have enough players for that event, we will do an event that requires less players.

Read more at our forums and vote for the events:

See you sunday!